Journey / Pathways

Multiple routes are available to our students, all of which include GCSEs and A level. After joining in Year 10, students can choose to leave at age 16 to pursue other interests including technical or advanced apprenticeships, or progress into our sixth-form to study GCE A Level maths, one or two (A Level equivalent) technical levels in more advanced areas of engineering and design, and choose from a further range of A levels such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, applied science product design, further maths, English literature and geography.

Major projects with employers are a feature of studying at the UTC. One of these will be developed further in Year 13 and entered for the extended project award. Those students passing A Level maths, a technical level in engineering, together with the extended project, will secure the nationally recognised technical baccalaureate. All options for progression routes are set out below: