English Language KS5

This A Level is a great choice if you are interested in any career that involves written and spoken communication and requires a comprehensive grasp of the English language. It is particularly relevant if you are interested in a career in business as English is the number one language in the world of business. Knowing how to convey thoughts and ideas effectivelycan help to set you apart when applying for further study or jobs. 

What qualification will you gain?

AQA AS/A Level English Language

What does the course consist of?

Studying the the ways we speak, read and write, looking at the development of the English Language throughout history and how children learn to acquire language.

You will also examine the ways language differs in different contexts and create different texts for different purposes and audiences, writing with clarity and for authenticity.

The coursework requires an in depth investigation which is independently managed as a project and could include some practical observations of language in action.

How will you be assessed?

At the end of Year 13, there are two exams and one piece of coursework.

What can you go on to do?

English Language is relevant for a plethora of careers, including journalism, teaching and marketing. However, any career where the quality of written communication is important would benefit.

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